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Be careful, dizzy! No, you will not fall. But yes, you can be dizzy in front of the epic beauty of these panoramas. When the Golden Gate seems devoured by a ghostly ocean of sea mist, drowning its imposing structure to leave only a few small islands of metal in view, you seem to be witnessing the end of the world by silent choking. The vision of San Francisco and its most famous bridge, whose name evokes the gold rush, then becomes surreal. Without the fluffy blanket that envelops it on some bright silver summer days, the gleaming Golden Gate would not offer such a dreamlike vision. And without artist photographers like Kelly Needleman, the San Francisco Bay Area would not be as magical.

« At the end of spring and into the beginning of autumn, the same story unfolds in the natural theater of the bay, a silent struggle between the heat of the earth and the cold waters. The warm air rises while the humidity above the ocean condenses into clouds that try to force the passage from below this hot air. When clouds win the battle, they can spread there, as invading conquerors, for days and nights. The month of August is then nicknamed Fogust. « 

But, rest assured, they do not always win and there are beautiful summer days in San Francisco, even if spring and autumn are to be favored for a visit. Posted to a terrace of Sausalito, you can admire then the panorama of the bay, to taste a beer specially brewed in the vapor of fog and to amuse you with the flows of clouds vanishing above your head, rendered harmless by the warm air .


Between the fog and the people of San Francisco, it’s also a complicated story, ranging from love to detestation, hope that it comes to refresh them to worry that he does not invite himself to spoil a picnic.

And if the fog was a person, in the cumbersome neighboring kind who would try to communicate with the inhabitants?
This is the idea that an anonymous had by creating a very fun Twitter account under the pseudonym of Karl-the-fog. A reference to the giant of the movie « Big Fish » Tim Burton, trying to be loved by the people of the city. Thus personified, the monster proves to be both sly, lecherous, amiable and pedagogue, and in general funny. He already seduced 350,000 followers. Always anonymous and still invasive, it is now also on Instagram and Facebook.

The vast majority of people in the bay like this good fog giant who seems to choose his preys, leaving some neighborhoods to invade others. It softens the light, dulls the sounds and soothes the apparent agitation of the « City-in-a-cloud ».

1937, a star is born

From its inauguration, the Golden Gate becomes the bridge of all superlatives. And in 1997, he was included among the « 7 Wonders of the Modern World », a list established by the American Society of Civil Engineers, dedicated to works of the twentieth century. The longest bridge in the world of his time was very expensive, especially considering this economically troubled period when he was born, in the wake of the crash of 1929.
It takes foot on the side of the Presidio, the fort built by the Spaniards soon after the discovery of the bay. It then stretches in length to bounce twice on the water before resting foot near Sausalito, North side, after a gliding flight of 2737 m, 230 m above the waters of the pass.

Its elegance, its « Art Deco » ornaments, its « International Orange » color and the panorama of the bay in the background make it one of the most used human artifacts in cinema or television series.
In the category « Inanimate objects having a soul », he would deserve an Oscar for his work, or at least a Golden Globe.

From a functional object, Kelly Needleman makes it a subject of phantasmagoric art using games of water, clouds, artificial and natural lights. To the west, the sun once lights up the solitary rocks of a coast beaten by the waves of the ocean, as pacified, softened and frozen by the magic of photography.

Kelly Needleman is a young Californian photographer, videographer, actor, director and film producer. 16 years old in 2018, his photographic work and short films have been honored many times by critics

Citylia thanks him very much for his contribution to this article


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